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We are a group of Bitcoin enthusiasts who’ve been interested in Bitcoin and Altcoins since we first heard about them a few years back. Originally with a background in iGaming, the two cross over nicely, but as we became more and more interested, we saw that many people like us were finding it hard to find places (aside from gambling sites) to spend their Bitcoins online.  

Whether you made some money in the last couple of years when the price was lower, peanuts in fact or you’re just getting started; it seems Bitcoin is growing ever more popular, and more and more online retailers are starting to accepted it as a valid payment method.

When we started this site, we realised that there are many online companies accepting Bitcoin, but it was hard to find them all in one place. We spent hours searching for different places, different sites for different industries when we knew that a site like Where To Spend Bitcoins  Online would be really appreciated and used by people like us.

In fact, a turning point for us was when we came across one of our favourite Bitcoin-accepting retailers, Giftoff, which is a huge Bitcoin Gift card website, which clearly had a vision to give people choice when it came to what they could buy with Bitcoin. The result? a fantastic website dedicated to online digital gift cards which can be purchased with Bitcoin. There are over 100 different Giftcards which you can buy with Bitcoin and with such an immense choice, you can almost say that you can buy just about anything with Bitcoin!

Since then, we’ve continued in researching brand new Bitcoin vendors to add to our website and we’ve found plenty. Our aim is to include top online sites which accept Bitcoin, that the general public can find and easily spend their Bitcoins online. Different sectors so far include travel & accommodation sites, shopping and e-commerce sites, toys, games & hobbies, VPN providers, technology, electronics & entertainment and food & dining.

We hope that we've made it easy for you to find sites where you can spend your Bitcoin, or at least helped you find out how you can spend your Bitcoins easily online. If you would love to add to our Bitcoin directory or you want to get in touch with us, then please get in touch on our contact us page.

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